Hanganak Medical Volunteers

Training Continues For Hanganak Medical Volunteers

March 15, 2024

Dr. Nancy Barsamian, a Member of the AWWA Advisory Board, serves as a consultant for the “clinic” part of the Hanganak Elderly Care Program and Clinic (“Hanganak”). In March, Dr. Barsamian organized the first meeting of 2024 on Zoom upon the request of Hanganak medical personnel following a long break due to the forced unrest in the region. Meetings like this are structured to discuss how Hanganak can best manage the health conditions of its beneficiaries.

Occasionally, specialists are invited to join these meetings and share their expertise on certain topics that can help Hanganak volunteers understand how to better support the beneficiaries.

During this March meeting, Dr. Armineh Mirzabegian was invited as a Primary Care physician in the US who has a special interest in treating hypertension and precepts medical students from UMass Chan Medical School. Dr. Mirzabegian spoke to the medical staff of Hanganak on the management of chronic health conditions in elderly patients—particularly hypertension and diabetes (two common conditions among the beneficiaries).

The participants of this meeting also addressed concerns related to the psychological well-being and social engagement of the beneficiaries. It was agreed that the next discussion would focus on managing hypertension and analyzing various clinical cases.

We thank Dr. Barsamian and Dr. Mirzabegian for continuing to focus on clinical excellence and bringing much-needed expertise to the team to help the beneficiaries.

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