The Greater Boston Armenian-American community strongly supports:

  • The inalienable right of the Armenians of the Republic of Artsakh to self- determination and a peaceful life in their ancestral homeland
  • The inviolability of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia

Our community vehemently condemns the unprovoked invasion of the territories of Armenia by Azerbaijan’s armed forces, subsequent targeting and loss of civilian life, and torture and humiliation of POWs, in clear violation of the Geneva War Convention.

We Armenians of Boston call on all leaders of the democratic world to stand in solidarity with the people of Armenia and Artsakh to condemn the current Turkish-Azeri attacks and prevent another genocide. Stop military aid to the autocratic regime in Azerbaijan, and call for the immediate release of all Armenian POWs.  … Continue Reading

After 18 years as a chef in the hospitality sector, MICHELLE MICARELLI decided to carry her many culinary skills over to health care. Michelle, who has led the Armenian Nursing & Rehabilitation Center’s food service team as its director since December, wants the meals served to bring residents comfort, just like in their favorite restaurant, or with home cooking. “Meals should make them happy,” she says.

Michelle relishes feedback meeting with all long-term care residents and rehabilitation patients to understand their culinary preferences. With the help of a dietitian, she has diversified the menu and makes sure to balance comfort foods with healthy options and to source local, fresh and natural options. The food service team takes advantage of the close relationship between Armenian cuisine and the Mediterranean diet that’s well-known for its healthy ingredients. Meals feature olive oil, grains, citrus and fish that are enjoyed by many residents. She has witnessed the benefits of this heart-healthy diet, as residents become more focus and energized. … Continue Reading