nurses week

Honoring The Heart of Healthcare

May 6, 2024

AWWA and ANRC Honor Nurses During National Nurse’s Week

In the realm of healthcare, nurses are the unsung heroes whose dedication and compassion form the bedrock of healing and wellness — the virtual heart of the healthcare system. As we commemorate National Nurse’s Week this week (May 6th – May 12th), American Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA) and Armenian Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (ANRC) are united in honoring and recognizing the tireless efforts of nurses worldwide, and especially those on our teams, without whom our work with elders in the greater New England area and internationally, would not be possible.

AWWA believes that honoring elders is at the very foundation of great family–centered communities. A non-profit organization established in 1915, AWWA owns and operates the ANRC in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, and an Elder Clinic that provides medical services, food, and social support to improve the lives of the elderly population in Armenia.

Because nurses are the compassionate healers and the relentless advocates for patients’ health and dignity, they embody the essence of care, providing comfort in times of distress and offering a steady hand during times of change for the aging population and their families. For many, a nurse may be one of their most primary and caregiving relationships in their later years of life. AWWA also recognizes and applauds nurses for critically serving as advocates for elders, ensuring that their voices are heard, and respecting their rights in all aspects of their care. Their expertise, compassion, and dedication contribute to the overall health, comfort, and quality of life for older adults, allowing them to age with dignity and grace.

AWWA prioritizes elder support as critical to both family and community, and we absolutely could not do what we do without the compassionate duality and superhero qualities of nurses. From the bustling corridors of the ANRC, to the serene settings of home care, they are the guardians of both health and honor. As we commemorate National Nurse’s Week, let us honor the invaluable contributions of nurses and reaffirm our support for their well-being and professional development. Let us recognize the significance of their role in shaping the future of healthcare and the honor they bring to our aging family members right here in the greater New England community and overseas. Together, let us stand in solidarity with nurses worldwide, expressing our deepest appreciation for their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in caring for us at every age of our journeys through the years. If you come in contact with a nurse this week, give them a high-five, buy them a coffee, or just stop and say, “Thanks!”