Hanganak Clinic

Hanganak Clinic Moves into New Office

March 10, 2024

As of March 1st, The Hanganak Elderly Care Program and Clinic (“Hanganak”) has officially moved into a permanent office. The program has needed office space since the forced evacuation of Artsakh late last year. After some time in a temporary clinic location, they now have a more permanent office in the Empathy Mental Health Center (“Empathy”).

Hanganak has been collaborating with Empathy since 2022—and for nearly two years, Empathy’s psychotherapist Dr. Anahit Lalayan has conducted psychological group sessions for Hanganak beneficiaries.

After the forced exodus in 2023, Empathy and Hanganak maintained communication. In January 2024, Dr. Lalayan kindly agreed to continue providing psychological services.

To learn more about Hanganak, please visit their website at